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Primary Therapist: Adam Fall, PT, DPT, DN Cert
"Kelsey [front desk receptionist] was polite, informative, and accommodating. Felt relaxed because of her greeting.
I came here [NSPT] hurting, and I am leaving feeling I can get back to all the things I enjoy doing. I feel better if I keep moving. Thank you, Adam! Would not change anything. All perfect!"

-Harriet K.

Primary Therapist: Adam Fall, PT, DPT, DN Cert
"Susan [front desk receptionist] was always pleasant and efficient. [Physical therapy] taught me to correct my posture, helped with exercises to maintain body mobility. I would recommend NSPT to family and friends"


"Always pleasant/good explanations to those with questions; timely responses. Jonathan was thorough, offered info regarding purpose of each exercise, pleasant, encouraging. Would absolutely recommend NSPT to my family and friends"

-Caroline C.

"Total left knee replacement in June, 2018. Jonathan was my physical therapist who took me from a knee-bend of 87 degrees to 120 degrees between late June to late Septembers. Jonathan returned me to near normal from being nearly crippled on my left side. Would absolutely recommend NSPT to my family and friend"

-David G.

"Excellent. Very informative, caring and comprehensive. Jonathan is an excellent communicator and very knowledgeable about post-surgical physical therapy. He knew exactly which muscle groups were impacted by my spinal fusion. Jonathan helped me learn new ways to do daily tasks that will reduce stress on critical joints. He was very patient and found the right exercises to match my recovery. I feel stronger and more flexible that I have in years. Would recommend NSPT to my family and friend"


"Katrin, Melissa, Ashley and Steve.....I have spoke to pretty much everyone by phone or in person, very impressive staff! I have less pain now, I also feel like my problem is being addressed. I don't have the fear of unknown,, my therapist told me exactly the same things as my orthopedic doctor. You are awesome! Would recommend NSPT to my family and friend"


Therapist Name: Stephen Fulling, PT, DPT
"they [administrative staff]are always friendly and helpful on the phone and in the center. It [physical therapy] has been very helpful for my confidence and my ability to maintain balance.

-Macy C.


Therapist Name: Olivia Lufkin, PT, DPT

"The Front Desk has been very helpful and courteous.  [Physical Therapy] has helped me be more aware of my condition and to stretch before activities a lot.  The exercises have helped so much."

-Paul W.


"Front desk-pleasant and helpful; PT took time to explain exercises.  Adam has helped me to gain confidence in my ability to do the exercises.  I enjoyed working with him.  Keep up the good work, NSPT!"



Very nice experience with the staff. "Dr. Adam Fall is excellent-calm and personable and most of all helpful for my body"

-Flo G.


"Ashley was very kind and professional (helpful too!)"



Therapists: Raymond Choiniere, DPT

"Front desk-Veronica-ALWAYS a pleasure! Always helpful, always sweet. Ray-a doctor/medicine man in the disguise of a physical therapist.... [Thank God]. It has been an INVALUABLE aid in my life for 17 years..."


Therapists: Hilary Strong, SPT

"Front desk staff, Office Manager, Billing Manager, PT and PTA-all excellent. Hilary treated me for tendonitis in the left shoulder. She gave me a number of rehabilitation exercise and explained them well. Hilary has knowledge and ability to be an excellent therapist... Hilary has a good sense of humor and makes the time go by fast."

-Dick C.

Therapists: Adam Fall, DPT

"The consultation was very good. The suggested initial regimen appears to be an excellent beginning to what I believe will be a progression of the "program" which will lead to the best outcome I could get anywhere with anyone. Ashley and Katrin were very good and as the "face of the practice" were an excellent choice. I had the initial interaction and a more extensive one (with Katrin) compared to Ashley. Katrin pleasant, patient, professional, personable, informative and helpful."

-David F.

Therapists: Stephen Fulling, DPT and Susan Finigan, PTA

The office manager and staff has always been helpful and friendly. The Physical therapist has helped me change the way I move and exercise. He (Steve) is knowledgeable and caring. Susan has also helped me exercise in the pool and has been patient and had many wonderful ideas. Therapy impacted me in many ways. Changed my life and I have looked looked forward to coming to the sessions. Steve Fulling helped me alleviate my pain from spinal stenosis...

Mary C.

Everyone is friendly and courteous. Michael is very knowledgeable and very good at explaining body dynamics in relation to my injury.

Karin C

All were knowledgeable, polite and timely. Everyone friendly.

Carol S

Excellent experience. Everyone is extremely efficient.

Jim B

Friendly, caring, willing to help in anyway. Very compassionate.

Susan W

Amazing! David got me back to full strength in just a few short months after my ACL surgery.

Travis M

Everyone at North Shore Physical Therapy has been extremely helpful. Always asking how they can help.

Paulette C

Everyone at the front desk as well as the billing manager were courteous and professional. They were always accommodating and never caused me any stress. If not for Steve (Sheridan), I doubt I'd be back to work as a court reporter. When I started working with him after my surgery I thought my career was over!

Marcia P

The enitre experience has been very positive. Ray helped me reached all the goals of PT. I am happy and impressed-this has been the best PT I have had.

Rosemary R

Michael is excellent and front desk is very accomodating. I'm far better than when I started the therapy.

Jim W

Mike was amazing for my rehab after surgery. He truly cares about each patient. He is also very knowledgeable about the small increments to push you each week to improve strength and mobility. As grieving as recovery after surgery can sometimes be, Mike was a consistent, shining light in my journey. I looked forward to coming to each appointment.

Dave C

It has been an excellent experience at NSPT. Adam was most professional and extremely helpful. He is amazing. His wealth of knowledge, experience, concern and care has been exceptional. His care was always clear, direct and encouraging. I feel very fortunate to have Adam as my Physical Therapist and I would strongly recommend him to any one I know.

Rosalie B

David was extremely patient and encouraging throughout my course of treatment. I feel he pushed me to my limits without going beyond them. It has helped me realize I need to continue exercising and change my sedentary lifestyle. Also, the front desk was very friendly and courteous, and always cooperative if an appointment was needed.

Sandra R

I have always had a very positive experience counting on Ray's expertise and his ability to answer any of my questions. The fact that we can converse always makes me feel more comfortable! So many of my problems are work related and by having PT I have been able to continue to my regular work schedule.

Leslie C

NSPT was very organized, helpful, and responded in a timely fashion to requests. The impact that physical therapy has had on me was excellent. Physical Therapy helped me get the most out of my knee surgery. Steve Sheridan has helped me set up an exercise/therapy program that I can follow at home and at the YMCA on my own to avoid further injury and continue improving.

Susan H

Susan was very helpful and courteous. She was knowledgeable about my condition/surgery. Physical therapy has taught me proper body mechanics and management of the individual muscle groups. This will benefit me in everyday life and routine workouts.


Everyone here was always friendly, upbeat and ready to help. Everything was always organized and I never had to wait. Simon has helped me to not only regain strength but confidence in my knees ability to be normal again. NSPT is a very professional, fun and classy place!

Ashley J.

Everyone ant North Shore Physical Therapy has always been kind, considerate, polite, and helpful. Mike was a pleasure to work with. I'm able to do daily chores at home, take short walks, and enjoy life. Thank You!

Susan K.

I had an amazing experience from start to finish at North Shore Physical Therapy. Everyone was so helpful and answered any questions I had. Simon was my physical therapist and he was one of the best in comparison to other physical therapy centers I've been to. He was very knowledgeable about treatment options and my injury improved steadily during the course of my therapy plan. The front desk representatives Chelsea and Krystle were both great to deal with. I will definitely recommend North Shore Physical Therapy!

Beth C.

Receptionist was very nice and flexible with scheduling. I now have the tools to exercise properly while strengthening my back. My neck pain is gone! Awesome!

David A.

Very friendly, prompt service, well organized in scheduling. Absolutely professional therapist! I now have the tools I need to get me back to day sports and knowing what to focus on and how to avoid future injuries.

Rebecca I.

David Roberts is as good as it gets! He is kind, gentle, and always puts me first. He is a fabulous listener, extremely sensitive and supported me inch by inch-always positively reinforced while also strongly reinforcing reality check. Superb!


Every meeting started on time, which is unheard of in this busy world. The therapists were excellent and the exercises that were given were great. I am amazed at how great I feel in such a short time. Thanks to physical therapy I am now able to walk 3-4 miles a day.


I have used North Shore Physical Therapy twice before, once for my arm and another time for my leg. Both times I have left very much improved and could go back to my normal routine. I absolutely loved Adam and Susan for my therapy.

Arlene M.

I perceived a genuine caring and desire to reach our goals as a team. My therapist is clearly a pro-knowledgeable and forward thinking. I have learned so much and am very grateful. We were able to restore my range of motion and eliminate pain.

Ann C.

Each person was very welcoming, pleasant and understanding. Ray gave me the hope that with the exercises given to me that I can improve my pain and discomfort. Ray listened and gave me answers. I would definitely recommend your facility.

Nancy T.

Steve was very attentive and mindful of my needs and limitations. My back just after 8 visits is pain free! I feel very comfortable going forward about how to manage my back pain. Staff was very good as well.

James M.

Stephen has helped me improve my physical health. I came in with intense pain that restricted many of my activities. I am now confident that if I follow through with the home exercise program I will be able to come to a full recovery. Everyone has been great and friendly to work with.


I found Ryan to be very sensitive, compassionate, and caring, an expert! His treatment really enabled me to experience far less pain, if any at all. I really turned the corner to wellness and more mobility, a fuller normal life!

I would not change a thing. I am very grateful for the care I have been given, and for the great results. My experience with Ryan and the treatment he gave me has been outstanding. All of physical therapy treatment at previous times has also been very helpful, Ray and Steve are wonderful! I am most appreciative.

Judith B.

Adam was most professional and extremely helpful. He is amazing. His wealth of knowledge, experience, concern, and care has been exceptional. His care was always clear, direct and encouraging. I feel very fortunate to have Adam as my therapist and I would strongly recommend him to anyone I know. It was a most positive experience. I had rotator cuff surgery. I feel my physical therapy was always encouraging. I could see and feel daily progress.

The facility is superb and the staff very friendly, welcoming and encouraging. I wish to particularly acknowledge all that Adam did for me, and the help Kaitlin provided on scheduling. Kaitlin has been most pleasant, knowledgeable, and patient. Thanks.

Dave C.

Folks were professional and welcoming, patient with my efforts, and encouraging. Ryan is an excellent therapist. He gave me a daily discipline with the at home exercises, a renewed confidence, and most important, the use of my wrist and hand.

Karen P.

Jennifer was extremely helpful in explaining the therapy to me. It gave me a sense of confidence that I would not fall, which I did not have before. I would not change a thing. My physical therapy was a very beneficial and pleasant experience for me.


Every person I came into contact with was genuinely warm, friendly, professional, thoroughly knowledgeable, and had the highest level of expertise. Ray reduced my pain considerably, and I am strong and able to proceed with my life with much less difficulty.

Mary Ann C.

I was very pleased with my experience at N.S.P.T. Sue is so sweet and kind. Steve was a great help getting my knee and foot back to normal. He was very patient and didn't mind explaining things more than once! I have a good understanding of all my exercises and will be able to continue my therapy at home. I also feel that if I have any questions, I am always able to speak to Sue or Steve. I have already recommended Steve to family and friends. Steve did a great job! I was lucky to have him for my therapist!

Kimberly H.

Jennifer and Ryan are so nice and professional. My experience has taught me to slow down and realize that more isn't always better if it causes pain. Don't change a thing. Keep up the great work and thank you!

Michelle R.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn some techniques in the water. I am able to go on the weekends only with my work schedule but it has made a world of difference on how my body feels. I am looser and in less pain and I can move my back so much more.

Cynthia L.

It's a pleasure to write on behalf of North Shore Physical Therapy and its excellent staff.

Over the years I have had need for P.T. and have had help from David Roberts in the Marblehead office. Then later, Ray Choiniere in the Swampscott office was greatly helpful, too. The Swampscott office is nearer to my home.

During this past year I have twice required physical therapy and used the Swampscott office with staff member Steve Sheridan. One Concern was a neurological situation which required strengthening and balance work and then after I fell in Jan.'10, breaking a shoulder. Steve helped me again with all the exercises needed for the shoulder.

I can't recommend Steve Sheridan and North Shore Physical Therapy enough for all the helpful work they did with me to get stronger and cope with a neurological syndrome.

Lynn J.

Every meeting started on time, which is unheard of in this busy world. The therapists were excellent. The exercises were great. I am amazed how good I feel in such a short period of time. I am back to walking 3-4 miles a day. Before I came here I had trouble walking from my car to your front door. I have already recommended you to various friends and family. I feel great.

I thank you very much.


I loved Adam and Sue for my therapist. They were helpful, kind, caring, and friendly. I have used your services twice, once for my arm and once for my leg. Both times I left very much improved and could go back to my normal routine.

Arlene M.

Treatment was delivered in a timely and professional manner. Through the treatments and home exercises I feel that my pain has been greatly reduced and I can now manage my pain at home.

Linda F.

Adam and Sue were patient with me. I came stronger each visit.


Steve was very attentive and mindful of my needs and limitations. My back after 8 visits is pain free. Success! I feel very comfortable going forward about how to manage my back pain. The staff was very good as well.

James M.

Dave Roberts is as good as it gets! He is kind, gentle, and always puts me first. He is a fabulous listener, extremely sensitive, and supported me inch by inch. Always positively reinforced while also strongly reinforced reality checks. Superb! It would be a please to refer friends to NSPT.


Detailed information, relaxed atmosphere, in-depth knowledge, Steve was very attentive and mindful of my needs and limitations. My back after 8 visits is pain free. Success! I feel very comfortable going forward about how to manage my pack pain.

James M.


After just a few sessions...I know that this was the best program for me. It has greatly improved my arthritis. The warm water allows me to exercise in a way I couldn't before. The exercises seem to lubricate my joints; the stiffness is much better.

Claire R.

For the first time in my life I feel successful exercising. I look forward to exercising in the pool because it takes away the pain.

Brian C.

Exercising in the water gives me the confidence to do an exercise fully without the worry of injury. I feel less pain doing the same core exercises in the water than I do on land. There is less pressure on my spine while I'm exercising and walking.

Michael M.

I have no pain in my hip at all while in the pool exercising. The water therapy is actually soothing, even though it's strengthening me at the same time.

Suzanne U.

I know I need to exercise for my heart. I had tried to work out in the gym, but it caused so much back pain and leg cramps I had to stop. Exercising in the water has let me return to being active and to begin being a healthy person who enjoys life to the fullest. It has been a life-saving program for me when other programs failed.

Tom C.

I have had aquatic therapy in two other clinics. Never before was the therapist in the water with me, giving me personal attention to help me perform the skills correctly. I feel I'm getting so much more out of this than I did before.

Kelley S.